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There is something inside of each of us that desires to express itself more fully. You have needs, feelings, and dreams that give you clues to unraveling this mystery, but there are also old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and mind chatter that can easily disconnect you from your own inner compass and distract you by triggering old habits of resistance, avoidance, denial, and self-sabotage.  All of this is perfectly normal, but it can also lead you to having a conversation in your head that has you self-identify as something less than a magnificent being on an ever-expanding journey towards wholeness, satisfaction, love, and joy!

As a Transformational and Creative Life Coach, I support people to cultivate and unleash their most creative, courageous and resilient selves in the service their challenges, goals and dreams. Every day you make choices about how you will live your life and what you will invest your energy in, yet most of us have so many intentions running around in our monkey minds that we often get side-tracked, stuck, or simply don’t have enough focus, time or energy to follow through on all of them. 


Through coaching you will discover and set goals based on what's most important to you and then we will co-create a compassionate container to provide structure, accountability, and support to move you towards these goals with more focus, clarity, and momentum. Through a process of inquiry and discovery coaching allows you to start where you are, get out of your own way, and move powerfully forward towards designing and living your life authentically according to your core values and commitments.


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