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Other Offerings

Although coaching is my vocation, I have had several other offerings as well that I have enjoyed sharing with the world.  I love creating new partnerships and offerings that support my vision: a world of integrated, connected, expressive  beings living life full-out!  

Momentum Community

Momentum Community

Cultivating relationships that support our fuller creative expression! 

In 2014 I co-founded Momentum CommunityMomentum Community is both a community of artists and a transformational growth program. As participants, each artist dedicates themselves to a project that is calling them out and forward into fuller expression. Experienced coaches guide each artist. Artists support each other as a community. Art is created. Transformation happens. As a transformational growth program, Momentum is about saying YES to a future we envision for ourselves, and moving through everything in our way of achieving that vision through the power of commitment, devotion, community support, mentorship, accountability and grace.

Tao of Play

Tao of Play

Offering expressive movement and improv playshops for your integration and enjoyment!

The Tao of play is the process of connecting with our internal aliveness and expressiveness and supporting it to come forward.  It is a way of practicing feeding our playful tendencies and of getting out of the way of the natural act of play.  As we create safe and inviting structures within which to play, we allow the qualities of playfulness to fill our bodies, seep into our minds, and affect our entire being.

Restorative Resources
Um...Gee...Um Improvisation

Restorative Resources Santa Cruz

Offering resources to empower you to restore relationships and build communities of understanding and respect

Starting in 2010 Christine King and I worked with schools and communities that were wanting to replace the consciousness of us versus them, blame, shame and punishment with the consciousness of trust, safety and connection.  We taught the principles of Restorative Justice and the use of restorative circles as a way to build community through exploring conflict with a simple structure that supports healing, empathy, and peace.


Sparking discovery and allowing the creative spirit to run wild!

I've been a member of this Improv group since 1997, making up skits stories and songs on the spot from audience suggestions.   Shows are now few and far between, so stay tuned for announcements.

The Somaddics


Embodied Improv!

The Somaddics performances are a series of stories woven together through movement, sounds, words, and wordplay.  Through spontaneously created physical theater we create dreamscapes that explore the conscious and unconscious realms of what it is to be human. 

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