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Transformational and Creative Coaching

We are in a constant process of change, moving through and letting go of what no longer serves us, and embracing and moving towards what's next for us. Where we often get stuck in this process is when we try to generate our future based on what worked for us in the past. The problem with this is that though it worked before, it was limiting and will only produce more of the same. In order to grow into what's next what's often needed is a shift in who and how we're being, which will naturally lead you to take different actions and get different results.

What's emerging for you in your life?

If you could have a major breakthrough in life, what would it be?


What have you not been willing to let go of

that's keeping you stuck?

Do you have a dream or vision of yourself that you are wanting to add momentum to?  Do you  get sidetracked or lose motivation as you move to implement your vision?


Are you confused about what's next for you?  What would be possible if you had more clarity, a plan, and support to get you to the next level? 


Do you feel like you've hit a plateau in your life?  Maybe you’ve outgrown some areas of your life and it’s time for an update to reflect your current level of power and possibility?

Part of the struggle of being human is that we often live much of our lives in reaction to circumstances. There can be a feeling of protection, isolation, and limited options. It’s perfectly human to avoid danger and to try to control life by staying within our comfort zone. It just doesn’t turn out to be satisfying or fun. It’s familiar, predictable, and safe. One of the goals of coaching is to allow you to gain a new perspective other that the one you might be stuck in. If you can see yourself, others, or your circumstances differently then you are free to take a different action and thereby get a different result.


What I've learned in my 20+ years of professional coaching is that we tend to get inspired (connect deeply to an idea or intent that is emerging through us) and then as we move to take action towards this intent, monkey mind races in with old fears, limiting beliefs, or just plain distractions and we disconnect from our inspiration.  Without inspiration to pull you, action takes willpower.  From here we end up leaking all kinds of energy as we try to push our way through whatever is blocking our way. What most people do is confuse effortlessness/flow with being comfortable. They avoid action because it seems to take such effort and go right for “effortless” without being committed. The key to achieving is to get more powerful at transforming your resistance by clarifying a vision which can pull you forward, breaking your vision down in to doable steps, and adding integrity to the process to support you to stay on track and on purpose! With these skills, you are free to move towards your visions, goals, and desires with less pushing. 

 As a coach I am trained to see the places (blind spots) where you typically get off track.  After we identify a pattern, we can shine a light on this area so that it is no longer hidden from you.  As we examine and reframe your habits and beliefs, you are able to stay connected to your original intent.  Once you start getting results with less effort, momentum will build as old limiting beliefs fall away.  Instead of the work being about problem solving, fixing, or strategizing, we instead focus on growing you as a person to grow your results by releasing energy blocks and channeling your energy in ways that empower and inspire you!

Because coaching is based on relationship, commitment, and your innermost desires, every session is tailored specifically to meet your needs. The focus is on discovering what works and what doesn’t work for you. During our time together we will focus on removing the obstacles and resistance that are leaking away at your power, and design strategies, actions, and ways of being that free you up to move toward whatever it is that you’re wanting.

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