“I came to Todd for coaching around unblocking my creativity. I heard about him through some friends who had received phenomenal results working with him. I’ve been in the creative arts doing theater, dance and music for most of my life, and I’ve always struggled with creating original work. It’s never been easy. I felt stuck and frustrated for years as I did everything I could think of, including attending workshops, going back to school to study music, joining choirs, taking composition classes etc. Within a month of beginning to work with Todd the floodgates of creativity opened and the creative flow has not stopped!  It’s been almost three months since we started working together and I’ve successfully completed 5 new music tracks, shared them with others, gotten lots of positive feedback,  and have also received many offers for creative collaboration.


I realized through our work that I had a lot of negative dialogue and feelings around my creativity that were keeping me stuck. Todd coached me on how to navigate myself out of those spaces and really connect to the excitement, fun and joy around my creative process. Now I work towards allowing my inspiration to motivate me through all areas of my life.  The benefit has definitely worked its way into my whole life, as I feel more excited and upbeat about everything!


I am happy about the work, time and money I spent on hiring Todd Phillips as my life coach. I’d recommend anyone who’s feeling stuck in any are of their lives and looking for concrete results to hire Todd for help. Thanks Todd!”


~Mark Tanaka

Yoga Instructor


“Todd came at a perfect time in my life. I remember showing up on my first day to meet him and feeling overwhelmed with questions and expectations about myself and my business. His coaching brought so much clarity to my relationship with my business. I was able to really see what my self destructive patterns were and ultimate re-remember why I chose what I did for my profession!


I can happily say, that I sit here today so excited again about what I am doing while being very grounded and focused. I feel confident about where I am headed and my path becomes clearer everyday. I am so thankful for Todd because he was able to push me out of my comfort zone and give me a new perspective on my business while always being present and loving.”


-Ariela Najman, Interior Designer

"Todd coached me from being a frantic, ineffective problem solver to being brave, focused, and honestly committed to identifying and persuing my true dreams and desires. Being coached sped up my process times five and added valuable insight I never could have achieved or realized by myself. Todd is very talented coach and a wonderful person."

~Lisa Carlton

“From the moment I began coaching with Todd, I knew I was in very skilled hands.  His ability to listen, reflect, challenge, guide, and inspire me has led to major changes in how I currently live and experience life.  I had been unable to grow as an artist and entrepreneur in several key ways.  Todd's coaching has helped me (and continues to help me) create new habits, perceptions, and responses to my world that make me happier, wealthier, and wiser!  For the first time in my many years in business, I’m not leaking my power with worry about money.  Instead I am enjoying the momentum of having plenty of inspiring work and projects, and a deeper faith in myself and my future.”


~Daniel Mollner


week of April 29 - May 5, 2004 
Best of Editors' Picks
Best Life Coach
Todd Phillips

Life Coach Todd Phillips runs a business that sports a very interesting moniker: Whose Life Is It Anyway? Ask him that question and he’ll probably answer: “It’s your life. And you can live it in a way that is richly satisfying, full, and balanced. What you put your attention and energy into, you actually draw into your life.” Phillips has been a professional life and business coach for more than four years and has created a wonderful following for himself locally. A lifecoach, by the way, is not a therapist. The main thrust of a coach is to support individuals stepping into their own lives more fully by providing structure, accountability and support to focus on the goals that are most important to them. And Phillips definitely assists othersin doing all that and more.


Sessions revolve around—do you love this?—you! You decide what goals are important to—you’ll love this—you. In other words, it’s all about—you’re gonna love this—you!  But you in the healthiest sense. I sought out Phillips for a book project I wanted to gain clarity on and create structure around. The project was intense and, after a number of sessions with Phillips, I mapped out a plan for my project and brought into focus the details requesting my attention. I enjoyed coaching so much that I found myself delving into other areas of my life in which I wanted to create shifts. The bottom line?


I found Phillips’ professional techniques to be life-altering and truly rewarding. (And it would be remiss to not share that information with as many people as I can.) “As a coach, I support clients to build the skills that allow them to better distinguish and come from their essence,” Phillips says. Whose life is it anyway?  Yours. Get to know it.  Todd Phillips, Life and Business Coach


~Greg Archer

Editor of GT Weekly


"Todd is extremely intuitive and good at getting to the heart of an issue and reframing the problem. He helped me bring clarity and structure to my business so I could approach it with less struggle. Also, after a single session with my girlfriend and myself, she and I decided to move in together, which wasn't even on the table before!"

~Earl Vickers
Senior Software Engineer

"Of all of the coaches I know, few have had what I was looking for: the capacity to think beyond the parameters of my box and see beyond my strategies; those which limit me from achieving what I say I want. Todd’s clear and supportive nature moved me toward even more accountability, efficiency, and power.

It’s one thing to have a coach that is smart. It is another to have a coach that is brilliant, creative, sensitive, and has the capacity to acknowledge each individual’s deep and rich essence. This man has the heart and soul to embrace his client’s humanity and the mind to be the thinking partner essential for empowering greatness. I highly recommend Todd as a coach and as a true friend."

~Rosie Kuhn, PHD,
Life Coach and Facilitator of the Transformational Coaching Training at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“Todd Phillips is a powerful listener and has great thought architecture resources to offer to get you out of your limiting self talk and into what you truly want to create with your life.  He helped me change blocked thinking patterns to supportive ones. With his help I was able to create, execute, and lead a  workshop that had been a personal goal of mine for a long time. 


Todd helped me to make a transition into a new career by supporting me to see myself through a new lens and shift the paradigm that was limiting me. Todd helped me achieve my goals, but most importantly he helped me think in a new way that allowed that change to be maintained”


~Tibisay Strazzera- Web Management /Video Production 

“Working with Todd has helped me see the issues that were so obvious, yet invisible to me.  Our work helped me see the areas where story, resistance and fear were the real culprits, and to realize that areas of the story were not true.  This new awareness has allowed me to have the ability to make better choices in my life and business as I have stepped into new perspectives, strategies and actions and am actively remarketing myself and my business.  I recommend Todd’s work to anyone wanting a new outlook or change.  We did good work together!”


~Scotty Rocket


"As a salesperson for some ten years with the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce I was searching for some support in solving a personal image problem that was holding me back in my effectiveness in reaching my personal sales goals.I am happy to report that after only a few weeks of coaching sessions with Todd I have already seen a marked improvement in my sales and was able to increase my sales results over 20% in our recent Membership Drive. My self-image is more positive, I am more confidant, and most of all I am at peace with who I am. Todd brings a marvelous array of resources and tools into play when coaching his clients. His coaching style is excellent. His manner is warm and caring."


~Marva JacksonMembership Sales Coordinator, Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce 

“My coaching with Todd was valuable in assisting me to check out some of my old patterns and ways of thinking. I developed new skills and was given tools to challenge these patterns, and see what was working for me and what wasn't. Through our sessions I was able to uncover a more authentic, capable, and powerful person in myself, and become much less attached to my 'old story'. 
Hooray for coaching!”


~Kat Kim


"Todd is phenomenal both as a coach and as a human spirit creating in this lifetime. Thanks to Todd I actually got my business up and running despite myself. What seemed like real obstacles to me where in fact of my own making. Todd supported me in seeing through those defense mechanisms I was using to stay safe. Magically it would seem, they shifted and I allowed myself to step into the unknown. I was so busy thinking rather than being that I couldn't see, until Todd stepped in, how I was limiting myself both from a business perspective and a personal growth perspective. Without Todd, I would still be swimming around in my head, thinking about what I wanted to do rather than being the person I so wanted to be. Thank you, Todd!"

~Sigrund Shoemaker

"In the eighteen months before I began working with Todd I left a ten-year computer career, ended a five-year relationship, completed a master of arts degree, gave up competitive sports, sold my home, and moved from the community I had lived in for eight years. Needless to say I needed tools and encouragement to overhaul my life.

Todd brought focus, clarity, discipline, wisdom, sensitivity, and humor to the coaching experience with his keen listening, astute perception, and exceptional communication skills. He helped me recognize less-than-powerful patterns, identify the truth of my spirit, and embrace my infinite creativity and possibilities. He gave me new insight into the importance of cultivating a relationship with my inner and outer worlds, and provided critical support for making changes with courage, integrity, and elegance. I highly recommend Todd's coaching for those who wish to make deep and lasting transformation in their lives."


"A real value that I’ve gotten from coaching is the ability to expand the box and see new possibilities in places where I was stuck. I have stepped into my life much more fully during the coaching process. I had to make some hard decisions along the way that I’d been avoiding; I laid some people off, I merged my company, and my marriage blew up. Through it all I learned to step into my life circumstances in powerful ways and saved my business and my marriage.


My relationships are much clearer and authentic now, which brings a wonderful richness to my life. I’m more connected to myself, and that has created spaciousness in my life in which distractions have naturally gone away. I have stopped drinking and have lost 30 pounds. I’ve found a rhythm and fearlessness in my life that wasn’t there before. Now, when I’m out of rhythm, I know it, and have the tools and skills to get back on track living the authentic, present, rich life that I’m committed to."

~Mark Block

“As my coach, Todd Phillips has helped me reconsider long standing notions that were holding me back. He worked with me to formulate strategies for a fully satisfying life. I greatly appreciate his compassionate and powerful approach to coaching.”


~Aaron  Daly

"Todd Phillips is a catalyst. With amazing insight and communication skills Todd Phillips guides you in finding your own way. In contrast to “advising” or “telling” Todd assists you in discovering what works best for YOU. This approach is so powerful as you walk away from a meeting with Todd with an intangible experience that is yours to keep and an experience that you can integrate into your life.

Todd has challenged me to become the best person I can be while at the same time he has helped me to feel more confident, inspired and composed than ever before. This combination of skills is not only rarely seen, but also empowering beyond belief. I would highly recommend Todd Phillips for anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level and experience success both on an internal and external level."


"I am now able to look at things more objectively after working with Todd. I am more conscious of my part in how I make things happen in my life as well as taking responsibility for not letting things evolve in an unconscious way.


I first started coaching with Todd when I was near a breakthrough but feeling like I couldn't do what it was I wanted to do out of fear. Through hearing Todd's questions, getting support, and listening to myself, I went after and created what I was wanting. As I get out of my own way and let things happen it is exciting to realize my dreams! When challenges came up for me in my marriage of 32 years, Todd helped me look at my part in what had not been working and to make the changes to create something new. Through all these changes, the coaching process has brought more joy to my life."

~Gretchen Werner

“When I first came to see Todd, I was feeling scattered and unsure of myself. I had a few different projects that I wanted to work on, but none of them were getting completed because I kept jumping around between them all. Todd helped me to get grounded in what I really wanted to do – what my true passion was - and guided me back to that time-and-time again when I strayed too far afield. Since we started just over 1 year ago, I’ve completed my first book and a 12-module video training series on healthy eating!”

~Rob Aaron, Health Coach

“There are many times in one's life that there are just too many avenues to go down and I was standing at a crossroads.   I thought I was looking for coaching to move my business forward but what I found, with Todd's help, was that I was needing more focus and encouragement on a  personal level. Todd allowed me to explore roadblocks and to bring my personal focus in line with my business focus.
Todd is amazing at letting the process unfold and not managing thoughts and feelings.  He allowed me to come to realizations on my own in a safe environment.  Now I find myself more confident at work and in social circumstances. This has helped my business but more importantly coaching helped reduce my stress level, increase my overall health and create more harmony in my family. Thank you!



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