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Getting Started

A philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. For change to occur in your life you must take the first step. Are you ready? The fact that you've gotten this far probably means that you are interested in making a shift in your life, yet maybe aren't yet sure if this is right for you. The way to find out is to engage more fully to find out if our working together is a fit for you. What is it that is currently holding you back from discovering what's possible? Are you willing to take a step into what's next? 


If you click the questionniare button I will send you to a form that will support you to begin asking yourself the questions that will lead you towards the clarity that you are wanting for yourself about what's next for you.


After you send me back the questionnaire we can schedule a complimentary exploratory phone conversation. This will be an opportunity for us to talk about what it is you're wanting to achieve through coaching and to explore the possibility of our working together to support you to let go of ineffective, past-based strategies, bring your best self forward, step powerfully into your deepest intent, and add whatever it is that you're wanting or needing to support you on your journey.


There will be no sales pitch. At the end of the conversation, we will know if we are a match. I look forward to supporting you, after all, whose life is it anyway?

* Most sessions happen by phone, zoom, or FaceTime as I split my time between Santa Cruz, California and and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Or if you'd like to connect by phone or email, please feel free to reach out!

Whose life is it anyway?


1618 King Street

Tel: 831-515-8590

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