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A yearlong journey

unleashing the artist

within you!


Imagine spending a year devoted

to your biggest creative passion!


You’re part of an inspired group of fellow artists taking this journey together.  We start by clarifying an artistic goal that calls you forward.  Then it’s time to take a leap!  Through the power of dedication, community support, mentorship and accountability,  you move toward your goal with power and momentum. Imagine celebrating together the completion of your artistic project and the confidence and satisfaction you feel at the end of this journey. 


What would that feel like and who would you be then?



Would you enjoy being part of a moving body of dedicated artists?


Is there some incomplete project from your past that's leaking away your power, self-esteem, and thwarting forward momentum in your creative life?


Is the artist inside you feeling neglected and wanting to come out and play more?


If you weren't afraid of failing, being judged, or wasting time or money, what would you be creating?


Are you having doubts while reading this that this could ever be you?

Is this the right time for this?  If not now then when?

Momentum is now in progress.   Fourteen artists are spending this year devoting themselves to their creative expression and a project that is calling them up and out.  One artist is writing a rock opera.  Another is writing a book.  Two are devoting themselves to freeing their natural voices. Another is producing a 12x12 piece of art each week for an entire year.   All of these artists have one thing in common: they have declared that now is the time, that this year their creativity will take a prominent center stage position in their lives, and that what they have to share is important and valuable.  


We still have room for 1 or 2 more artists!  Enrollment closes this Saturday, 4/5 when we hold our monthly playshop.  If you're interested please contact Todd or Daniel directly.

Here is  what we are offering as a support structure for your

immersive experience with your creative self:

  • Once a month half-day play shop (Saturdays)

  • One support sessions per month with either Daniel or Todd

  • 4 meetings per month with your progress partner

  • Momentum portal for people to post their work

  • Six month and year-end showing

​$150 to $185 per month, depending on pricing plan


Facilitated by:

Daniel Mollner                       & Todd Phillips




What this program is not about:


This program is not about having your art received differently.
There are many traps that can arise from thoughts around wanting your art to be received differently that Momentum is not designed to directly support.  
When we base our way of being on how other people respond to us, we can give away our power and can unintentionally get stuck in the Victim Vortex.  Although the feelings and needs behind this dynamic are very real and can lead you into a healing journey of the heart and even lots of success, Victim Vortex thinking itself can be very difficult to escape and can drain away your energy by feeding resistance with thoughts of “this shouldn’t be” in the form of:

“People should like my art more"
"People should pay more for my art"

"I should be more successful"
"I shouldn’t have to work so hard to market myself"
"I deserve to make my living by doing this….”

"If only......, then I could be myself and do my art!"
One way to sidestep the Victim Vortex is to focus on what you CAN and WILL do, that does not depend on others for validation. When you take a small step, see what you have achieved, experience the YES in your own heart and witness the forces of the entire universe aligning with your clear intent, you will put in motion the great power of Momentum!
Momentum comes with moving forward and seeing that you are not stuck.  It’s having a path and seeing yourself achieving what you set out to achieve one step at a time.  It’s the big body relax that comes with the self realization that you are on track, right where you are supposed to be, capable, supported, and you’re going places!
We design steps that are within your reach so that you can experience and harness the capacity of Momentum.  THAT’S what this journey is all about.
Your commitment and progress can make it more likely that your art will be received differently, but that is not the focal point of the journey we are envisioning.  Momentum is a journey of revealing your gifts and giving you the freedom to unfold with the support of community.  Come join us!

Enrollment closes on 4/5!

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